Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things lately

I returned to work on Wednesday.  It was good to be back and to see my co-workers and friends again!  Man, am I tired though!!  My substitute will be staying in the room until tomorrow, which has been great, because I haven't had to actually teach anything yet.  I'm a little shell shocked coming back, and glad to have the chance to ease back into it.

Another special addition to my first few days back was the delivery of a "sunshine basket" (actually, 2 sunshine baskets!) from my pals at Dallastown.  2 baskets full of presents - I'm supposed to open 1 present a day until the baskets are empty.  I'll be honest...I opened 5 tonight.  Haha!!  I didn't mean to, but I did.  One, I was told to open first (goodies from Brown's that no one would want to go stale - thanks Megan!).  The second one I wanted to open was from someone (D'Orsie!!!) who was trying to convince me to open all the gifts tonight, and so she pointed hers out to me so I could open it up.  But, I opened the wrong one, so I got an extra!  The 4th one tipped over in my car (so, naturally, I had to open the card to see who the gift was from).  And finally, the 5th one I just wanted to know what was in it!  Haha!!

I wish I could say thank to every person individually who has sent cards, packages, letters, emails, etc. and offered dinners, weekends away, even weeks away...but I just can't right now.  Please know how very much I appreciate them all!!!  My mind and my emotions are just so tired right now, and most of the time I just don't even have the energy to talk on the phone.  (well, let's be honest...I never liked talking on the phone anyway!)  So, someday, I will happily answer more phone calls, write back to emails, take you all up on the offers of dinners out and time away....but for now, I am content with my couch, some Dawson's Creek DVDs, a good book, my cats and the down time by myself. 

Thank you all again for your support!  I have so many wonderful friends I can lean on when I need to, and knowing that - I'll be okay.  One day a time...

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