Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yesterday there was a lot of laughter in our house! Isaac was in rare form! The day began with him deciding, at 8 am, that he needed to sit up so I went to sit next to him because he is a ltitle unsteady, then decided that he would climb off his bed and into my air mattress - where he fell asleep for 2 1/2 hours! I asked him why he was getting in my bed and he said "for kicks and giggles" - haha!
This is what our dining room looks like at night! (but usually he is in the other bed!)

Then, our friend Ned and his daughter came over.  Ned asked Isaac how he was doing and this was the conversation...
Isaac:  People!  She's not letting me having any good drinks here!
Me:  What do you want?  Water? Sprite? Dr. Pepper?  Chocolate milk?
Isaac:  Chocolate milk
Me:  I'll go get you some
Isaac:  Bull crap.
(I return with a glass of chocolate milk)
Isaac (to Ned):  Well, she's only going to let me have half. 

It was too cute!  (and he had a second glass of chocolate milk later in the evening!)  He had some Sprite yesterday evening too, and says "That's so good!  I love how it's like WOOSH in your mouth!" - he always has loved a "peppy" soda, as he calls it.  Then, before bed I asked him who I am (he was getting a little confused) and he says "The one who kicks my butt" - darn, right!

I cherish these little glimpses of him, when he makes me laugh, and I can just enjoy a little "normal"!


  1. "The one who kicks my butt -- " that's too funny. He'd best not forget who gets that chocolate milk :)

  2. I love that you are continuing to make memories with him! May each day God grants you be another memory to make.
    Thinking of you!

  3. Ha! We have some fantastic Chris quotes, one time he sits up in bed and tries to get out my Dad rushes to his side and is like Chris you need help to get out of the bed, and he replies "I'm going to save the world and you can't stop me!" Ha Cherish the memories :-) I hope you get many more.