Friday, April 9, 2010

My Message

My friend Michelle shared a video with me today that brought me to tears sobs.  You may remember a post I wrote back at the end of January, where I was just hoping for a few minutes with a lucid, "normal" Isaac to make sure he was okay with dying and just talk to him.  I never had that.  From that weekend in January on, Isaac was never "Isaac" again.  There were things he did that showed us he was still there, and we did have conversations where he told me in his loopy voice that I was doing a great job taking care of me, and that he said when he got to Heaven he wouldn't have to worry about all the cancer anymore, and that he was just plain exhausted.  But I never got even one minute of regular Isaac again. 

Then Michelle sent me this video, and I'm pretty sure it's the "sign" or "message from Heaven" I've been waiting for - the message that tells me that Isaac is okay and that he was okay with the portion God had given him even unto death.  I think if Isaac could video tape his thoughts in his last month of life, it'd sound a lot like this guy:

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