Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This morning I heard this song on the radio - it is called "I Need You" by The Swift.  It is beautiful, and there was one verse that I think describes well what I feel at this point in my journey.  I can see the valley, it's still there...but I feel more like I am soaring above it, not of my own strength but with the strength of God. 

"Today my soul is soaring
Way over mountains high
Though I can see the valleys
They're all just passing by
It's not that I am stronger
Look at my feeble wings
But I've been lifted higher
Yaweh's lifted me in His own strength."

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  1. Your Blog is most inspiring & helpful to so many! Thanks for allowing God to use you!!! I just sent you a personal message on facebook. I hope we can meet sometime for tea or coffee when I'm in York. :) I'll be home in August again to help with Dad's care. Big Hugs & Thanks for the time you take to encourage & share what you are learning in this life. It really touches my heart! :) Bonnie (Degnan) Evenhouse